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Book marketing and ebook marketing taught by the pros who have done it. Our do it yourself book marketing seminar and ebook marketing workshop will teach you do it yourself audio marketing and video marketing techniques to promote your book. Author marketing requires specific expertise, Fred Gleeck has that expertise and has help hundreds with their book marketing or ebook marketing using informational product marketing proven techniques.

You’ll also learn about how info products and information advertising can help you grow your business, and how book promotion and book publicity tools can seriously boost sales and visibility of yours or your client's book. And for a firsthand experience, apply for Fred’s seminar, or “Info Product Bootcamp," which can teach you the fundamentals of self publishing, corporate networking, real estate promotionals, music and sound production and promotion, website development strategy, and more.

As you may know, information products – focusing on book marketing, audio marketing, and video marketing – are an integral part of many successful businesses today. That’s true whether online or off, for large corporate giants or small home-based businesses. And making your business successful through the use of information products is what Fred does best. He teaches and outlines an easy-to-follow versatile strategy for using info products to succeed at marketing your information products, which also increases profits with no additional work.

Aside from just teaching methods for doing book promotion, book publicity, audio marketing, video marketing, and ebook marketing, Fred also covers the ins and outs of the info marketing business online. His seminars and workshops offer opportunities to network ideas and learn about everything from information advertising to Ebook Marketinginformation product creation, both online and off.

No matter where you are in the game, Fred Gleeck can help you succeed in information products. If it's book promotion or book marketing that you desire, Fred’s ideas and principles will leave you with the most versatile plan for marketing your book or ebook. Interested in strategies for self publishing? Look no further. From book marketing and audio marketing, to video marketing and information advertising – Fred’s comprehensive seminars, or “Info Product Bootcamps,” cover all you need to know to have a successful info products business.