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About Fred

Fred Gleeck is a well-known and highly-esteemed information marketer. He creates, markets and sells books, ebooks, audios, videos, seminars and software to a variety of niche markets. Fred has been in the information marketing business for over 25 years, and as an information marketer, he has perfected an automated system for selling information over the web.

More than anything else, Fred loves teaching his marketing system to others. He holds information marketer seminars and bootcamps of his own, and speaks at events to share his easy-to-follow, profitable online marketing system.

Author of over 15 books on marketing-related topics, Fred is both a mentor to other information marketers who attend his seminars and bootcamps, and a sought-after internet and marketing consultant. Through his information marketing business, he has helped his clients create thousands of successful, profitable, and highly-publicized products.
Fred is based in the Las Vegas area, but spends a good deal of time in both New York City and Los Angeles. When he’s not consulting or leading seminars in his information marketing business, Fred is a movie and theatre buff who also enjoys reading good fiction. He lives with his two chocolate Labs, Coco and Henry..