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BRINGING SMALL-CAP COMPANIES AND INVESTORS TOGETHERSo you’re a small cap company, and so far your investor relations haven’t yielded an onslaught of accredited investors coming to the table with a boatload of much needed capital. It could be that your approach, and not your company, is the issue. If the trick is figuring out where to promote awareness of your company and its products and services, the answer is to go where everyone is: online. Companies like Upside Media Group are providing companies of all stripes with the ability to get in front of investors and investor groups in a variety of ways. In the process, they’re reinventing the very concept of stock promotion.

Companies advertising their wares on Upside Media’s website come into a number of great ways to promote their companies to investors that have what they want… capital. A variety of services including email, video interviews with company executives, airline advertising, exposure in a small-cap investor magazine, direct mail, radio broadcasts, web page advertisements and one-on-one investor conferences open up a whole new world to companies fortunate enough to be featured.

Upside is also one of the only companies of its kind with its own production studio, providing instant access and hands-on expertise to the creation of audio and video promotions. With so many avenues of access to real, accredited investors, the opportunity for making a match is increased exponentially.

It’s easy to see what is in a site like Upside Media Group’s site for the small-cap company on the hunt for potential investors. But how are investors protected and assured that the companies presenting to them represent sound and viable investments? To address this issue, Upside offers a detailed research report about every company that appears on its site. This report offers important details about the company, its prospects, and the industry it works in as a whole. In addition to including in depth details about every relevant aspect of the company, investors are supplied with a realistic intrinsic valuation based on the details of the report.

At the end of the day, successful matchmaking of any kind is based upon compatibility. And when investing is involved that compatibility must be backed up by viable research and accumulation of knowledge by company and investor alike. The good news for both sides is that Upside Media Group provides a forum for just such an exchange to happen. And while there’s no such thing as a sure thing in investing, as with everything in life the more you know the better off you’ll be.

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