Successful Book Marketing Techniques For Self-publishers

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Successful Book Marketing Techniques For Self-publishers

When you are self-publishing your book or e-book, it can seem a daunting task to “get your book out there”. Although that may seem the case, if you know a few book marketing techniques, you can get the word out with just a small amount of effort. Fred Gleeck, of Info Product Guru, has a few tips and techniques to get your self-published book or e-book in front of your chosen audience. Hint: some of these work with marketing all types of info products.

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, is one of the easiest ways to obtain targeted book publicity. Of course, you’ll need a website to send them to that sells your book or e-book (or you can send them to your Amazon Advantage site – we’ll talk more about that later). There are plenty of resources out there to get you started with PPC for your book promotion. I highly recommend Google’s AdWords program, since Google has a huge portion of the search engine market. Note: book or ebook marketing on AdWords is not free, but it is usually cost-effective if you write effective ads. Make sure you set a daily budget so you don’t spend too much!

Selling Your Book in Bookstores
You may not realize this, but many local bookstores gladly sell self-published books, especially books by local authors or on local topics. Even if you think it’s a far-fetched dream to have your book on the best-sellers list at the front of Barnes & Noble, it’s still worth a shot to ask your local retailer for a spot on the shelf. I’ve even heard of gutsy authors of self-published books “reverse shop lifting” – they take their books into the large book retailers and simply place them on the shelves. I haven’t personally tried this tactic (nor can I fully recommend it), but I’ve heard it can produce good results.

Selling Your Book Online
A great place to sell your book online is with Amazon’s Advantage Program. When you sign up for Amazon Advantage, you can sell all of your self-published books on the website. When your topic is searched for on the Amazon bookstore website, your books will show up alongside all other books, whether they’re traditionally published or not. It’s a great way for your book to get equal treatment.

Write Articles
Writing Articles and submitting them to various websites is another fantastic way to get your name out there – and when you get your name out there, you can also get your self-published book out there. Simply write articles on your book’s topic or related topics and submit them to sites such as People will read your articles and if they like what they read, they’ll be more likely to purchase your book. Just mention your book in the article or at the very end when you describe your credentials. It’s that simple.

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