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Applying For Bootcamp

Fred wishes he could accept everyone who applies for his intensive 6 ½ day internet marketing Info Product Bootcamp. But it takes a certain kind of highly motivated person to really benefit most from this type of experience. And frankly, Fred doesn't just want to take your money. He wants to make sure you're going to succeed at info product creation before you sign up.
You’re the kind of person Fred is looking for if you’re ready to:

  1. Get motivated. Are you tired of just theorizing and reading about internet marketing or info product creation and ready to DO IT? Are you fed up with being stuck when it comes to info product creation? Then these product bootcamp information seminars are for you.
  2. Commit. Do you have a relatively good idea of your niche for an online business? Do you have several ideas you're considering. Then by all means, apply today! But if you're still up in the air and have no idea what your niche or product should be, this internet marketing product bootcamp is not for you.
  3. Listen. If you think you "know it all" about internet marketing, please don't waste our time. Just do your info product creation on your own. If you come to the product bootcamp, be ready to take directions on info product creation without argument. We've been doing internet marketing for well over 25 years. We know what you need to do to get info product creation done, and done well. Don't expect to come and kick and scream about our internet marketing methods. You’ll simply be sent home.
  4. Laugh. Please come with a smile on your face and a sense of humor. We laugh a lot in our house. And to get through this week, you're going to need to laugh, too. Please, this is important. Do not sign up for this product bootcamp if you're not able to joke around. We want a certain kind of energy here - for us and for those who attend our product marketing information seminars.
  5. Work. This internet marketing event is not going to be a week of luxury. While we do stop to eat and occasionally have an outing of fun, this is about info product creation and product marketing. We are all about getting your product created and your website up for your online business.

If you’re the kind of Fred is looking for, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply for his product bootcamp right now to reserve your spot today.