Information Marketing Made Easy At Fred Info Boot Camp

Information Marketing Made Easy At Fred Info Boot Camp

When acclaimed information marketer Fred Gleeck began looking for a teaching venue to augment his highly successful series of seminars, he found the answer quite literally without leaving his house. In short order Gleeck, who has been in the information marketing business for over 25 years, would turn his Las Vegas home into the host site for "Fred Info Boot Camp," an opportunity for select would-be entrepreneurs to invade Camp Fred and turn the lessons they learn in information advertising, promotion, publicity, and more into literal, viable information products.

The six attendees of each Fred Info Boot Camp are walking into a wealth of knowledge that has literally transformed not only businesses but also lives. Gleeck, who has also offered 15 books on marketing related topics, made his name by perfecting a automated system for selling books, ebooks, audio and video products, seminars and software to a variety of niche markets. Along the way, he found a passion and a talent for passing that knowledge along to others, and became a sought after Internet and marketing consultant.

The goal of every boot camp, which lasts six and a half days, is to complete both an audio project along with the website on which to sell it. Campers learn hands-on not only from Gleeck but also from copywriter Sabrina Long and Dave Hamiltion, aka the Web Marketing Magician ( Each use their unique skill set to augment Gleeck's key concepts for creating an Information Product Empire. These include how to develop an auto pilot marketing system to earn as much as $2,200 a day, seven deadly information marketing sins to avoid, domain secrets to generate return on investments, and much more.

Of course it's not called boot camp for nothing, as campers put in full nine to five days geared toward the different aspects of product creation. In the end, the reward for attendance and participation is a full-length audio product ready for sale, reserved domain names and a targeted and specific niche, a fully operating website, an initial marketing campaign sent to Fred's list and a plan to build an even greater list of one's own, and general strategies with which to grow your business moving forward.

When the goal is getting your product out to market, you'd be hard-pressed to find a week better spent than one at Fred Info Boot Camp. When you leave with a product under your belt and the tools with which to market it, you'll have all the proof you'll need.