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Seminars on marketing information are our specialty. Information seminars and how to create them are all part of our marketing seminar advertising packages. We teach you how to create a bootcamp for a self-published author and online marketing techniques to make money from single or multi-day conferences!

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Fred Gleeck's information seminars are one of a kind, information-packed sessions that teach you the latest techniques in information marketing - he even has a seminar on how to create and market seminars effectively! His seminars attract online marketing gurus, self-published authors, and corporate executives alike. Here are just a few of his highly sought after seminars:

Fred's Weeklong Information Bootcamp - If you're tired of going to seminars, but never actually making anything happen, then this bootcamp is for you. In it Fred covers all of the latest marketing information, including product creation, online marketing techniques, self-publishing, advertising, etc. When you leave the bootcamp, you have a complete audio product, plus a working website to sell your product, including assistance with the copy from a professional copywriter. For more info see

Fred Mini Seminars - These one day events are held in New York City and Las Vegas, NV several times per year. Fred covers the basics of info product creation and marketing information. If you want to know more about online marketing techniques or if you need to get your internet business out of a rut, then this is the seminar for you.

For more information, check out:

Whatever your marketing information seminar needs, you can find a good match with a seminar or bootcamp listed here. Self-published author and online marketing genius, Fred Gleeck, makes it easy if you follow his system and his techniques are proven - used by both himself and his clients. In addition to practicing what he preaches, Fred is also one of the best teachers around. Learning the latest advertising and marketing information is easy with a Fred Gleeck marketing seminar.