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"AFTER implementing some of Fred Gleeck's novel Internet and product sales ideas, my product revenue more than doubled and has finally surpassed my total speaking-related revenue. This has not only increased the TOTAL amount of revenue I bring in, it has also allowed me to travel LESS and NET MORE revenue! That's something that EVERY speaker should aspire to. I highly recommend Fred's model for product creation and marketing to any speaker."

--Tony Alessandra, PhD, CSP,
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

"By following Fred Gleeck's method for starting and running a successful Internet marketing business, I created a steady stream of $4,000+ a week net passive income within 6 months. This means I will make well over $200,000 this year with a spare-time online business, and to earn it, I work less than an hour a week!"

--Bob Bly

Comments from Fred Info Bootcamp Attendees:

"Fred Gleeck is the real deal. He walks the walk and talks the talk. I have been to numerous seminars and none have produced a single pennies income for me. The Fred Info Boot Camp actually forced me to develop a product, write a sales letter, and put it up on the web. I fully expect to make a $100,000.00 this next year using the system I learned at the Boot Camp. Feel free to email me for my candid opinion of Fred and his training. With no hesitation, I can say this is going to change my approach to my business and my expectations are very high. I invite you to follow my progress as implement what Fred has taught me."

- -Bill Wise

"We are three days, half way, into the InfoBootcamp. First, preparing for the bootcamp got me to open an Adwords account, put up a probe campaign to understand my market, write a simple website for the probe campaign, open up a webmarketing magic account, and a merchant account. That was before arriving!

Since we have been here, we have all been focusing our attention to complete our outlines for our audio product and writing the sales copy for the sales site. Pushing through to complete everything by the end of the bootcamp will shorten the learning curve so that the next product will take less time to do. I can see doing at least one product a month instead of one product a quarter which is what would have happened without this bootcamp.

Thanks, Fred, for letting me attend. "

--Gil Kreiter

"The boot camp was not just an academic forum - each of the participants actually built a real online business. I would have spent countless hours getting to this point. Now I can focus on my product and not on the mechanics of setting up an online business. I was also fortunate to get great marketing advise even before going live with my site. Fred's is a superb marketer; clearly his advice is based on decades of real life experience. He shares his best practices and clearly explains the reasoning behind his advise. I recommend Fred to anybody who wants to jump-start an online business, or increase traffic to an existing online business. Feel free to e-mail me if you want more details from me."

--Jagdish Mirani
(Attended this event January 17-24, 2008)