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What is it?

Fred Gleeck’s Info Product Bootcamp is a 6 ½ day intensive work- and fun-filled event. Six lucky attendees are invited into Fred's home in Las Vegas, Nevada, to work on – and completely finish – an audio product or other information product, along with the web marketing strategy and web site sales skills to sell it. Not only do they complete this information product, but more importantly, attendees learn Fred's proven system for web site sales success – and they get to learn it “hands on.” There's no better way to get in gear for web site sales and web marketing for your information product than to attend Fred’s Info Product Bootcamp!

Info Product Bootcamp also includes the services of highly-skilled copywriter Sabrina Brick ( who is on-site for 5 or more days of the event to help attendees with web site sales copy for their products. In addition, Stanley Dumanig designs the web page for each attendee and will provide free hosting for six months to those who attend Product Bootcamp.

Dave Hamilton, the Web Marketing Magician, also attends the Product Bootcamps when his schedule allows, assisting attendees with technical questions concerning “Web Marketing Magic,” helping with merchant accounts, gateways and more.

At Product Bootcamp, you'll learn key concepts for how to create an information product empire that maximizes web site sales conversions, including:

Plus, you'll leave with all of the following ...

Fred’s Product Bootcamp is the real deal. So if you're serious about getting a product under your belt, and you're not afraid to jump in head first, then apply now to reserve your spot today. You won't regret it!  Just check out the testimonials from impressed bootcampers to see what others have to say of their Product Bootcamp experience – from information product development, to web site sales, to the six-month free hosting benefit.