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Workshop advertising for seminars and book marketing is an easy to learn process. Fred Gleeck's information advertising offers the most complete range of info products covering free publicity, promotion and marketing ideas for selling and starting a home business.

Fred's workshop advertising techniques are tried and proven in the information advertising business. In his seminars, he'll teach you how to garner free publicity as well as paid promotions for your workshops - and these techniques will work for selling your DVDs, CDs, videos, pdfs, and other info products, too. And when it comes to teaching all there is to know about workshop advertising and seminar advertising, Fred is the best teacher available. Plus, he not only teaches the "how to" of promotion, selling, and marketing ideas, he also uses them for his own business -- and has been successful in his own info products business for the past 25 years!

Some specific products which Fred recommends are found at the following sites:

Fred's seminars and info products will teach you everything you need to know about workshop advertising, book marketing, information advertising, info product creation, getting free publicity, selling, generating new marketing ideas, and promotion of your home business products.

See the info products section of our website to look for our products related to workshop advertising. Also, see our upcoming seminars for one near you!